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How can I install itspaid?

You can get itspaid for free from the App store or from Google Play.

To use itspaid you will also need the itsme app to login and the Bancontact app to link your bank accounts and to perform payments. You can get both apps for free from the App store or from Google Play.

How do I sign up?

The first time you log in into the app, itsme will send your user code and your phone number. These data are used to create your account. You don't have to enter any other information to create an account.

How can I install itsme?

How can I log in?

When you open the app without being logged in, the login screen is opened automatically. When you click the login button, you will be redirected to the itsme app to log in.

How can I log out?

Go to the menu and choose Profile > Log out

Why do I need to register addresses?

Your payment requests, invoices and other documents are usually sent to different addresses. You can see them all in one place in your app.

For each address you add, the documents will be available in the app. An address can be: an e-mail address, your mobile phone number or even your bank account number. You can add several e-mail addresses, mobile numbers, bank account numbers ... If you register multiple bank accounts, you will receive more payment requests and invoices in your app.

Why do I have to pay € 0,01 to register an IBAN account?

By paying the € 0,01, we can not only verify the accounts added is really yours, but we can also test if the integration with your payment app works well.

What kind of addresses can I use?

For now you can use email addresses, mobile phone numbers and IBAN numbers. Other types of addresses might be added later.

How do I decide which documents to receive?

  • add/remove addresses
  • filter
  • ask your supplier to send your invoices on itspaid

Can I stop a sender from sending documents to my itspaid?

No, you can't decide which senders deliver to itspaid.

You can remove the e-mail address the sender is using, but then you block all documents sent to this e-mail, also documents from other senders.

You can filter the documents in your inbox and exclude the sender. The documents coming from this sender will not appear in your inbox anymore.

Can I receive the same documents as my partner?

Yes, you can if you register his/her addresses. Of course, he/she will need to give you the verification code so you can verify the addresses in your app.

I can see different icons next to my invoices. What do they mean?

The icons are a reminder of the status of your invoice:

Can I change the addresses I configured?

You cannot edit them, but you can remove existing addresses and add new ones.

How long will my documents be available in the app?

Your documents remain available: you can’t remove them, and they are not archived in the app.

How can I change the language of the app?

Go to the menu and choose Profile > Change language


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